Autocracy Dismantled

by Dethrone The Sovereign

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Dethrone The Sovereign's debut EP "Autocracy Dismantled"

Lineup on this album:
Carson Wittwer - Vocals
Nick Mason - Lead Guitar / Vocals
Jake Laskowski - Keys / Vocals
Allen Barkley - Rhythm Guitar
Curtis Olsen - Bass
Derrik Schroeder - Drums


released May 21, 2013

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Stetson "Bucket" Whitworth at High Vibe Recordings in Salt Lake City, UT

All songs written and recorded by Dethrone The Sovereign

Album artwork designed by Excoriate Designs



all rights reserved


Dethrone The Sovereign Salt Lake City, Utah

Progressive Metal
Salt Lake City, UT
Famined Records

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Track Name: The Manchurian Waltz
Track Name: Catastrophobia
We are born into this world indoctrinated to accept the systems of control
Manifested as a collective nightmare of global elites
The end is almost here or so they say bound by belief quarantined from reality
This world is all we know yet we can release ourselves
No longer seduced by promises of those who would deceive us all
The lies mindlessly echoed have been embraced, embraced by the masses
Repeaters perpetuate their willing ignorance
This false construct created to imprison us within ourselves
Manufactured existence created to imprison us within ourselves
Now see through the lies this false construct thus created to oblige is to dehumanize
This false construct created to imprison us within ourselves (see through their lies)
Manufactured existence created to imprison us within ourselves (open your eyes)
Now see through their lies
Track Name: Transhuman
The fire of the gods is ours for the taking
Eternal life, will we live to see the day? Illuminated, a thousand points of light
Light to blind you. Transcend the boundaries between machine and man
Infinite progression from a singularity there is no turning back the transformation has begun
There is no turning back force the hand of evolution we will become as the gods
Transcend the boundaries of life and death itself of life and death
Humankind is rendered obsolete the creator and the creation seamlessly integrated
Artificial deification endless power reserved for the privileged few
We will become as the gods the transformation has begun force the hand of evolution
The bounds of mortality shall not contain us evolution will not contain us
Track Name: Autocracy Dismantled
Track Name: Earthly Purgatory
Behold my son for this is the master of our greatest failures.
Tales of sin and purity that control the morals of society.
How can one reflect these laws that are set for us?
When compassion's the only thing separating us apart from the herd.
Adorn, pollute, imitate, conform.
Fear leads us nowhere free, free yourself from this prison
Planning on dreaming on total utter restraint
To rid the world of thinking. Laughing as the cash flows in,
To fuel their agents. Hell bent on depopulation.
Live in the now. This is reality. Extract the crown.
This is the time in which is opportune to make a stride we are mankind
Extract expose the malevolent ones lead us to freedom now all eyes can see
The blindfold's black kept in the dark they tell us our voices matter but only in retrospect
Design a failure what a work of art
The wall between reality and the truth obscures our view
Trapping us in an earthly purgatory enslaving us with zeal
We're not mindless cattle we have independent thought live and let live that's what i was taught
There is a fine line between bliss and ignorance but the line is blurred
Design a failure build us into the ground revoke the right of progression
Sabotage economies just to bring them to their knees (to their knees)
This is our much needed revolution rebuild our nations
Rebuild our nations this the only time to make a stride we are mankind
There is a social obligation we all need to keep each other in line or be bound in chains
This is the time the moment's opportune we need to stride we are mankind
We are mankind
Track Name: Oblivious To Consequence
Prepare for violence
Renounce your faith in democracy
Wasting away with a brainwashed society
Citizens born without royal blood musn't fear change
We must embrace, Embrace the end
Selling out your species future
Deception has prevailed
Begging to live in servitude
Oblivious to Consequence
Relinquish your right to control your destiny
Oblivious to Consequence
Relinquish your right to control your own destiny
Your children are marching in shackles
To the rhythm of social decay
May your own chains sit lightly upon you (upon you)
As we descend into misery
We are oblivious to the consequence
Compelled to dominate
With misanthropic intentions
A cloak of infallibility
Feigning immortality
With contempt for humanity
To revel in the darkest form of subjugation
We have sewn the seeds of revolution
Subordination is not an option
We have only begun to fight
Resistance is our final victory
Choose (choose) your side (freedom) freedom (no more) or bondage
We are doomed to repeat our past mistakes
Humanity is compelled to dominate all
Subordination of our kind is not an option
Resistance is victory
We have, we have only begun to fight
Into Misery